Event Results








Game of the Day – Double If - (Throw out the worst 2 holes minus full course handicap)

Flight A – Denise Nelesen

With a net score of 57!

Denise Nelesen 0ct 15 2017

$20 gift card


Flight B – Bobbie Zinker

With a net score of 58!

bobbie zinker oct 15 2017

$20 gift card

Closest to the Pins

HC < 25

Lois Spence

Lois Spence oct 15 2017

$10 gift card


HC 25 +

Paula Covert

paula covert 10 15 17

Ball Marker



 Loree, Paula




WINNERS FOR THE DAY                                               Kerry, Marie, Beth Pat, Judy

Thanks to Pam Pongratz, our very creative Event Captain for this event!


40 players enjoyed a beautiful day at the Coronado Golf Course.  There was a combination of riders and walkers, all of whom found the 360 degree views spectacular.  most took advantage of the food and beverage gift card at the 19th hole, where a lot of socializing took place and prizes were awarded.






Game of the Day – Even Holes minus ½ Course Handicap



Meghan Smith

With a score of 37.5!

(not available for picture)

$20 gift card

Closest to the Pin

Jen Levin

Taking it from Dorothea Sledge – and they said it couldn’t be done!


$20 gift card

Lowest # of Putts

Mary Shepperd

With only 28 total putts!


$20 gift card





Thanks to Chris Shorkey for organizing this great event!


22 players enjoyed our first ever day at the Shadowridge Country Club in Vista.  Many were fearful of the continuing heat wave but it turned out perfect!  Nice afternoon breeze and good cloud cover.  They even set up a large table for us on the terrace for our post-round social hour.  It was unanimous that we return next year!

The game of the day, and Virtual League game, was First Five and Last Four.  The winner was Meinir Heilbrun, in a card-off with Lis Eddy. We also did a closest to the pin - on a par 3 over water - and Sonja Stevenson got it within 11 feet!  All winners received $20 Golf Mart gift cards.   Great shooting ladies!

Guests attending were Erik and Tara Wilde, who were invited by Sonja Stevenson and Dorothea Sledge.

                                                          Meinir Heilbrun


Saturday July 1 we played one of our favorite short courses, St Mark Executive in San Marcos.  It was a prospective member event with several guests attending.  

Guests:                                                Guest of:

   Michele Vela                                      Louise Tang

   Vida Vela (joined)                               Louise Tang

   Marilyn Bestion (joined)                      Moved here from Northern CA

   Forel Stokes (joined)                          Cathleen Davies

Winners for the day:

   Highest # of par 3 greens in regulation:  Stars flight: 1st, Glory Cadenhead, 2nd, Dorothea Sledge; Stripes flight: 1st, Vida,Vela,  2nd, Joan Kuhns.

   Lowest putts on par 3'sL Stars flight: Louise Tang; Stripes flight,  Darlene Kane.

   One putt on holes # 4:  Glory, Dorothea, Darlene.

   Great playing ladies!

19th Hole:
Thanks to Pam Pongratz for setting up a very fun and creative competition!


The Southern California Desert SW District semi-final was held June 24, 2017 at El Conquistador Country Club in Tucson, Arizona.  There were 85 EWGA members competing from 7 Chapters.  The low gross honors went to Lauren Suzuki from Los Angeles Chapter with a score of 81.  Donna Brasil from Palm Springs-Desert Cities Chapter won the Low net honors with a score of 73.  

The Senior Flight (ages 55 to 69) gross winner was Silvia Urbaniec from Orange County Chapter with a score of 86 and low net winner was Sheila Woolsey from Tucson-Old Pueblo Chapter with a score of 68.

The Super Senior Flight (ages 70 and above) gross winner was Patricia Godfrey from Orange County Chapter with a score of 89 while Christine Shorkey from San Diego Chapter was the low net winner with a score of 74.     

Elizabeth West, Tournament Volunteer Coordinator, Tucson-Old Pueblo Chapter said"We are thrilled to host the district semi-final event offering a great playing opportunity for our members. Our members enjoy competitive playing events and those who are advancing to the EWGA Championship are excited to play in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas."

semi-finals_June_24_2017_in_oro_valley__az.jpgGoing on to finals will be Dorothea Sledge and Chris Shorkey!   The  national EWGA Championship, an exciting two-day finals competition,  will be held at Hot Springs Village in Hot Springs, Arkansas on October 6 and 7.  CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!


Eclectic Winners:


1st Gross

2nd Gross

1st Net 

2nd Net


D Sledge

S Brown-Conner

R Meyers

M Smith

L Eddy

A Apostol

C Pasterkiewicz 

C Wright


P Haberman

 L Spence

P Covert  

V Geyer

M Bright  

S Crawford

L Cardarelli  

M Pedicini


P Lafser  

B Zinker

S Rowe

C Shorkey

J Faye  

J Kuhns

L Burley

C Tomboc-Brownlie

 Closest to the Pins: (Prize - choice of $10 gift certificate or golf accessory)

  Saturday, May 20

Chardonnay Flight--Cathy Wright

Merlot Flight--Wendy Eagle

Zinfandel Flight--Pam Pomgratz

  Sunday, June 4

Chardonnay Flight--Marie Horn

Merlot Flight--No Winner

Zinfandel Flight--Jen Faye

50/50 Winners:

Susan Crawford and Stacey Hayashi won $117 each.  The club kept $225 to add to our 19th hole fund! 

Also, new member Karen Rundio donated a golf gift certificate to Golf Club of CA, which Sharon Council won!  Thanks Karen!

Congratulations everyone!  Thanks again to Event Captains Pat Lafser and Bobbie Zinker for a very well planned and very fun event!


Big Break Challenge: 

Here is a partial description of the this part of the event from Lisa Schmidt, a new member and participant today:  "As for the sixth station, Kim (Estep, of Sycuan) saved the best for last. She was outfitted in a padded suit much like those the police wear when training dogs, with Velcro targets placed on various areas of the suit as we swung the plastic wedges and hit five Velcro tennis balls at her. It would have been easy had she not been a somewhat quickly moving target.  The short course exercise proved to be a lot of fun and some took home prizes based on achieving the highest number of points":


  1. Kim Davis -160 points, first place
  2. Chris Shorkey – 158 points, second place
  3. Dorthea Sledge – 130 points, third place
  4. Lisa Sschmidt – 120 points, fourth place

Pine Glen Executive Course: 

Closest to the Pin:

Hole 2 – Chris Shorkey

Hole 13 – Marie Brown

 Lowest number of putts:

Glory Cadenhead with 29

Chris Shorkey with 30

Folks pitched in to participate in the pot –

 Chip in (12 participants)

Hole 6 – Dorthea Sledge ($12.00)

Hole 18 – Marie Brown ($12.00)


The 4 – Club Challenge on Pine Glen Executive Course (7 participants)

Glory Cadenhead with 61 ($29.00)

Sonja Stevenson with 70 ($14.00)

 Thanks to Dorothea Sledge and Sonja Stevenson for organizing this very fun event!


We held our annual Chapter Championship at the Sycuan (our Master Level Sponsor!) Willow Glen course on Sunday, April 30. We had a beautiful weather day, with a cool start and a warm finish. After the stroke play and scramble play rounds, everyone sat down to a great luncheon, followed by our awards to the day’s winners. Thanks to the Event Chair, Cretia Hadley, and her committee: Sue Rowe, Chris Shorkey, and Cathy Wright. See top winners in each flight below. Please go to Flickr for additional photos.

cha cha pics 2017


We all really enjoyed the morning golf scramble event, followed by the luncheon, awards and raffle drawing.  
We brought in 6 new members to our Chapter.  Wow!

New Member:                  Referred by:

Amy Madden                     Beth Davidson

Karen Rundio                     Stacey Hayashi

Marilyn Pedicini                 Lynne Cardarelli

Kristin Cohen                     Nancy Homer

Kim Provost                        Nancy Homer

Darcy Wolfe                       Mega Mixer Drawing 

Winners for the day
Scramble (using the Chapter Championship HC factor to allow for a "net" competition) 
1st place
Mary Shepperd
Pat Habermam
Mindy Hartstein 
Darcy Wolfe
Wendy Eagle
Annette Hirt
Stacey Hayashi
Karen Rundii
M S Davis
Gina Randolph 
Kim Davis
Mirta Innis-Thompson 
Annette Hirt
Sonja Stevenson 
Longest Putt #8
Kim Provost

Hole in One!
Connie pasterkiewicz got a hole in one on hole 13.  She graciously bought drinks for her foursome who witnessed her first hole in one!

Thanks to Pam Pongratz, Membership Director,  and her committee for organizing a wonderful event!
Lois Spence
Michelle Schmidt 
Gina Randolph 
Kim Davis
Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie
Loree Burley
Cathleen Davies
Marie Horn


Borrego Springs had it's super bloom going so we had great scenery, along with our clear warm weather, and a lot of fun golf!


              Saturday Mar 18 -  Susan Crawford was our event captain for this very fun St. Patrick's Day themed event.  We play "Kiss the Blarney Stone", which meant we counted the 14 holes starting with the letters s-t-o-n-e, less 78% of our HC.  She also provided us refreshments on holes 9 & 10 and gave each foursome a partially written limerick, descriptive of the foursome, to complete.  The limerick was then read at the 19th hole.  We have a creative group!
Game winners:                        Prize                         
1st place - Kim Davis               $20 gift card
2nd place - Gina Randolph       Fun flask

Closest to the Pin                    
Judy Land                                 $10

              Sunday Mar 19

Game winners:  (Better ball of partner)             Prize
Low gross over the field:
 Dorothea Sledge & Sonja Stevenson            $20 gift card each

Anza Flight 1st Low Net
Paula Covert & Marie Horn                            $20 gift card each

Borrego Flight 1st Low Net
Nancy Homer & Judy Land                             $20 gift card each
Closest to the Pin                    
HC <25 hole # 16 - Lois Spence                     $10 gift card
HC >25 hole # 9  -  Lynne Cardarelli               $10 gift card
Thanks to Event Captains Dorothea & Sonja for organizing this event!

Go to:

Flickr site for all photos. (Photos for this event will be posted soon.)

Facebook for several photos and other info.


We had a great time playing the beautiful Legends course on Monday, Feb 20.  The weather was gorgeous and the course was in good condition, although due to all the recent rain, we did have to play "cart path only".  So we got a little more exercise than usual!


Mindy, Cathy, Loree

Closest to the Pin                    Prize
M S Davis (hole #8)        $10 gift card   (honorable mention - Jen Faye birdied the hole!)
Loree Burley (hole #11)             $10 gift card    

Straightest Drive
Cathy Wright                             $10 gift card    


Thanks to Event Captain Lorlee Burley for organizing this event!


Eastlake brought out 23 players who truly enjoyed the great course conditions and sunny day. 


The game of the day was Low Putts and Chip Ins.  Pat Haberman was on fire with 9!!!

     Closest to the Pin:  Suzanne LaTour and Gina Randolph

Thanks to Chris Shorkey for organizing this event.


48 of us enjoyed a nice day at the beautiful course, playing “pass, punt, & kick”!  We had to count one score on Pass holes, 2 scores on Punt holes, and 3 scores on Kick holes. The scores were pretty high at the end!


Pass, Punt and Kick Team Game

1st Place (no picture)
Sonya Brown-Conner, Rodney Conner, Lisa Shelton-Finch, Mark Finch - prize: $10 gift card

2nd Place
Pat & Bob Haberman,
Lois Spence & Mike Lyons -prize: $5 gift card 

2nd place super bowl sunday feb 5 2017
Closest to the Pin:
Sally Hagar -  scorecard clip board              
Javonda Franklin (not present for award, no picture)
Mike Lyons - golf ball sleeve
closest to the pin winners super bowl sunday feb 5 2017
Thanks to Annette Hirt for organizing this creative event and to her trusty helpers, Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie and Bobbie Zinker!


We saw a lot of hawks and squirrels as we traversed the cart path only Redhawk course in Temecula.   We played "Even Holes", adding up the nine even holes minus 1/2 our handicap. We also had 2 closest to the pin awards.

Winners for the Day:

Even Holes Game Winner:  Susan Crawford  (Chris Shorkey tied with her, but Susan won the card off!) 


Closest to the Pin Winners:   Pat Haberman and Ashley Riggs-Zeigen (picture not available)




New Year's Day Admiral Baker Golf Course  - Jan 1 2017

Another great time was had by all at our annual New Year's Day event at the Admiral Baker Golf Course.  We were happy to have an 8:30 shotgun on the very wet golf course.  There were many, many birds enjoying the new but temporary puddles and ponds!  We played a team game and had our choice of format, either shamble or individual stroke play.  Then the team got points for every birdie or better.  We also had 4 closest to the pin awards and a long drive award for both men and women.

Winners for the Day:

Bogey or Better Team Winners: team of Mike Chandler, Pat Lafser, Merri Harding, and Cathy Wright 


Closest to the Pin Winners:  MikeChandler, Lois Spencer, and Sonja Stevenson (she won 2!)


Longest Drive Winners:  Suzanne LaTour and Dave Randolph



Our annual Holiday Party was a rousing jingle bell ringing success!  Held at Sycuan Resort, we played a fun team scramble game followed by a luncheon and awards.  We had a beautiful weather day;  it started off quite cool as usual and warmed up wonderfully.

Winners for the Day:

Scramble Team Winners: team of Ken & Connie Pasterkiewicz, Pam Pongratz and Ken Martinez.


Match Play League Winners:

Flight 1: Dorothea Sledge

Flight 2: Ashley Riggs-Zeigen

Flight 3: Wendy Eagle

Flight 4: Chris Shorkey

Flight 5: Kim Davis

Most Improved Golfer:

Championship Flight:    Dorothea Sledge

Flight 1: Glory Cadenhead

Flight 2: M S Davis

Flight 3: Cretia Hadley

Flight 4: Kim Davis

Most Improved Over-all:  Ashley Riggs-Zeigen!


Beautiful "Ugly Sweater" Wearers:



We started our Thanksgiving Holiday week off with a great round of golf at Steele Canyon. And to make things festive, we played Turkey Birdie Bingo! Each player received a bingo card. Make a good play, and you get to mark a green spot on your bingo card. If your opponent (cart partner) made a particular mistake listed on your card, then you get to mark a red spot. The player with the most "bingos" wins! Thank you to Lois Spence and her volunteers for putting together this fun event. Extra thanks to those who brought guests this week!


Sharon Council won with 6 bingos!

Second and Third Place to DorOthea Sledge and new member Denise Nelesen, who had the lowest gross scores out of all the players with 3 bingos.

Lis Eddy won Closest to the Pin and made her birdie putt!

Honorable mention to Glory Cadenhead who scored an Eagle on the Par 5 Canyon Hole #4. Wow!!!

        Winner Sharon Council


666 DEVISH DUEL - MT WOODSON, 10/30/16

 Everyone had a fun time at our Devilish Duel where we had the spookiest format for our Halloween event, 666.....6 holes of Better Ball, 6 holes of Alternate Shot, and 6 holes of Scramble. We had 52 two-person teams competing, and everyone was in the spirit, dressed in their Halloween best! After golf we enjoyed a wonderful lunch in a garden setting on the beautiful Mt. Woodson grounds. We hope you were able to join us at one of our best events of the year!



1st Low Net - Marie Shannon & Cretia Hadley (81 gross/62 net)

2nd Low Net - Cathy Eagle & Wendy Eagle (78 gross/63 net - card off!)

3rd Low Net - Teri Sitton & Bonnie Fannin (75 gross/63 net)


1st Low Net - Jen Reynolds & Judy Land (84 gross/57 net)

2nd Low Net - Lois Spence & Annette Hirt (85 gross/62 net)

3rd Low Net - Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie & Darlene Kane (95 gross/62 net)

Flight 1 Winners
                      Flight 1 Winners





San Diego sent 3 teams (!) to the EWGA Cup regional competition at the Chardonnay Golf Course in American Canyon, just south of Napa, CA.  The Sassy Swingers placed in the competition and will be playing November 11 in Rancho Mirage at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort.  Great playing ladies.   Everyone enjoyed the challenge of the Chardonnay course, which had vineyards throughout it, had 6 each of par 3's, 4's and 5's, and had several holes that required a reasonable amount of carry.

       Good luck Nov 11 Sassy Swingers!!! 




San Diego also fielded a 12 person team for the California Cup at the Rancho Canada course in Carmel by the Sea! Our team did very well on the first day, which comprised either alternate shot or better ball for the 6 2-person teams.  The 2nd day of individual matches proved not as successful, so our team did not win the cup.  But, everyone everyone enjoyed the course (playing it for the last time and it will close and become a park) and mild weather (very cool in the morning and evenings, but warm during the day).  

The 2016 CALIFORNIA CUP Team members are:

Melissa Bright                         Mindy Hartstein   

Susan Crawford  Pam Pongratz

Beth Davidson  Lisa Shelton-Finch

Sonya Brown-Conner Chris Shorkey

Kim Davis                               Meghan Smith 

Wendy Eagle                          Cathy Wright


                              In addition to competition, the California Cup weekend was designed to include activities and golf for non-competitors, and even non-golfers.  Some friends and family came to the Friday night reception, Saturday and Sunday lunches and casual golf rounds.  Since this was the 10th annual Cal Cup, the reception was actually a party, that included dinner, wine, music, dancing, more wine... There was fun for everyone.  

When you see them, congratulate and thank the EWGA Cup team and the Cal Cup team members who played their best to represent the San Diego Chapter!


Michelle Schmidt, Chris Shorkey, and Dorothea Sledge  competed the weekend of Oct 14-15 at the Chapter Championship Finals in Virginia!  In order tO get this far, they won in their San Diego event and in the regional semi-finals! See Final Results on ewga.com: Go to Member Clubhouse and click on the EWGA Championship Quick Link, click on Results tab, then Final Results. 10/16/16.



We had a really nice day in Oceanside Sunday, visiting this muni course for the first time.  The breezes picked up after an hour or so and the round was cool and comfortable.  We had a small but fun group of 10 that enjoyed the course, which included many doglegs sometimes requiring clubs other than a driver off the tee, a creek running through it, one of the most elevated holes in San Diego, and a lot of birdlife.  Following our round, we enjoyed our 19th hole at the club house and honored our winners.  We had one closest to the pin and our game was lowest putts.

Closest to the Pin 

Lisa Schmidt - holes # 13

Lowest # of Putts  

Cathy Wright -  24 putts

Cathy and Lisa

Congratulations Winners!


Thanks to Chris Shorkey for coordinating this fun event!


Go to:

Flickr site for all photos. (Photos for this event will be posted soon.)

Facebook for several photos and other info.


We enjoyed a beautiful day in Coronado for our annual event at the "cool" course right on Glorietta Bay.  40 of us really appreciated the breezes right off the bay.  Following our round, most of us went to Michelle and John Schmidt's house a few blocks away from the course where we had a great 19th hole.  The Schmidt's provided the bar-b-que and beautiful backyard setting. 


First Flight - HC's under 24 

Mindy Hartstein with a net score of 67! Wow!

[No Picture]

2nd Flight - HC's 24 and over

Nancy Homer with a net score of 67!  Wow again!


Closest to the Pin 

Meghan Smith - holes # 5 and 15!


Sue Rowe - hole # 9


Pat Lafser - hole # 11


Congratulations Winners!


Guests / Guest of

Dennis McGibben /  Mary Shepperd

Ruud Noordzij /  Annaliza Apostol

Mark Finch / Lisa Shelton Finch


Thanks to our event captain Kerry Rauch and her assitant Roberta Van Wart for coordinating this fun event!

Special thanks of course go to Michelle and John Schmidt for their incredible hospitality as hosts for the 19th hole bar-b-que!!!


Three brave souls walked Goat Hill Park (very appropriate name) on Saturday, August 13.  At times we actually felt like mountain goats - considering the estimated four-mile hike and 2,000 foot elevation gain (up and down and then repeat).  The day was full of fun and laughter with a pleasant coastal breeze and beautiful vistas of the ocean. 

Pam Pongratz won closest to the pin on hole 17th.  Way to go Pam!! 



Pam Pongratz organized a very fun event on Sunday. August 7.  20 players attended, starting off at 8:52 on the 2200 yard long executive course.  Most of us walked the course and got our exercise dealing with the elevation changes and the muggy weather.  The course is full of pine trees, so it was truly like a walk in the park.  Afterwards we enjoyed appetizers supplied by the chapter, told our stories of our great shot of the day, and gave out our awards for the day's winners. We welcomed our guests and newest member, Misti Law (see her below in Pink Flight picture).

Guests attending were:
Laurie Largent, who found us online, 
Kate Pasterkiewicz, daughter of Connie Pasterkiewicz
Sue and Olivia Anderson, guests of Pam Pongratz

Pam organized a game that gave of points for a variety of accomplishments.  Winners were those with most points and low scores.  



Congratulations Winners!

 Special thanks to Pam Pongratz for being captain for this special event!!!


Forty of our members participated in our third annual 2-day Partner Eclectic, held this year ar Twin Oaks Golf Course in San Marcos.  The first day was Sunday, June 26, and the final day was Sunday, July 12.  We started with an 8:00 shotgun, so we started off with cool weather, which gradually changed to very warm and slightly breezy conditons.  We did a great job with pace of play, with most finishing in about 4.5 hours.  The course was great to work with and did a great job scoring for us for this somewhat complicated format. 


Chardonnay Flight: 

Low Gross (74) - Sledge/Stevenson

Low Net (56) - Horn/Hartstein

Merlot  Flight:

Low Gross (78) - Spence/Haberman

Low Net (59) - Davidson/Bright

 Port Flight:

Low Gross (86) - Apostol/Farpon

Low Net (59) - Kane/Davis

 Perpetual Trophy for Low Net Over the Field (55):  Spence/Haberman


​Horn, Sledge, Hartstein Haberman, Spence, Bright, Davis Kane, Davis, Farpon, Apostol







Apostol, Geyer Lafser, Zinker



Chardonnay Flight (hole 10):  [None- no one made it on the green!]

Merlot Flight (hole 3):  Vicki Geyer

Port Flight (hole 17): Annaliza Apostle

Congratulations Winners!


Special thanks to Pat Lafser and Bobbie Zinker for being co-captains for this special 2 day event!!!


Our members came to PLAY!  Our players who placed in our San Diego Cha-Cha went to Goleta, CA (near Santa Barbara) this weekend to compete in the semi-finals.  Everyone gave it their all and all had to contend with the smokey skies due to the big fire in the Goleta area.  But, four of our players placed 1st in their flight and will be going on to the Finals in Florida!!!  Three others also received trophies for their play!


 Winners going to Finals:

Dorothea Sledge  -  Championship Flight - 1st Low Gross!

Chris Shorkey  -  2nd Flight - 1st Low Net

Marisa Farpon  -  4th Flight - 1st Low Gross

Michelle Schmidt  -  4th Flight - 1st Low Net 

Other Trophy Winners:

Marie Shannon  -  1st Flight - 3rd Low Net

Nancy Homer  -  4th Flight - 2nd Low Gross

Kristi Woodard - 4th Flight - 3rd Low Gross


Our members came to the San Diego Country Estates area of Ramona to the San Vicente Golf Glub Sunday, June 12.  The weather for the day was perfect. Sunny, breezy and just warm enough.  The course was in really good shape and offered its great variety of hole shapes and lengths.  


Game of the day, "Selective Nine”:  Cathy wright (net of 29)

CTTP's:  Lauren Mahan (for HC's 25 and more), and Meghan Smith (for HC's under 25)

Prizes for everyone was a Golf Mart gift card (thanks Golf Mart!).

Go to:

Flickr site for all photos. (Photos for this event will be posted soon.)

Facebook for several photos and other info.

Event Results page for prior event results.


Eight of our members enjoyed a cool, breezy day at Lomas Santa Fe Executive Golf Course Saturday June 11.  They got a great opportunity to practice their short game.  The game was “4 Clubs and putter challenge”, for which each player paid $10.00 to participate.

Judy Schons, Nancy Homer, Pam Pongratz, Beth Davidson, Dorothea Sledge, Sheri Tomboc- Brownlie, Pat Haberman, Glory Cadenhead




“4 Clubs and Putter Challenge”:

1st place: Glory Cadenhead (71) prize: $20.00

2nd Place: Pam Pongratz (78)  prize: $15.00

3rd place: Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie: (79) prize: $5.00

4th participant was Beth Davidson, (85) no prize


CTTP:  Judy Schons, GM gift card

Low Gross not participating in the 4 club challenge (par 56 course):

1st place:  Dorothea Sledge (54) GM gift card

2nd place:  Nancy Homer (76) prize: GM gift card.


at THE CROSSINGS - MAY 22, 2016 
The weather was beautiful in Carlsbad yesterday, as the San Diego Chapter of EWGA held it's annual Chapter Championship event.  We started with an 8:00 shotgun start, and ended with a wonderful lunch and awards ceremony.


Congratulations to our new Chapter Champion, Suzanne LaTour.  Suzanne noted that she had a bit of an up and down start (which kind of matches the terrain at beautiful course we played), but finished very well with a gross score of 89! Great round!


Other Chapter Championship

05-22-2016 Winners

Scramble Teams
S Council, W Eagle, R Meyers, M Smith 1st place
S Hagar, C Paster, A Riggs-Zeigen, C Wright 2nd place
Championship Flight
Dorothea Sledge 1st Low Gross
Louise Tang 1st Low Net
Flight 1
Suzanne LaTour 1st Low Gross
Marie Shannon 1st Low Net
Marie Horn 2nd Low Gross
Paula Mullins Worster 2nd Low Net
Flight 2
Mindy Hartstein 1st Low Gross
Chris Shorkey 1st Low Net
M S  Davis 2nd Low Gross
Pam Pongratz 2nd Low Net
Flight 3
Marisa Farpon 1st Low Gross
Kristi Woodard 1st Low Net
Judy Land 2nd Low Gross
Flight 4
Nancy Homer 1st Low Gross
Joan Kuhns 1st Low Net
Michelle Schmidt 2nd Low Gross



Our members enjoyed a cool, breezy day at the Barona Creek Golf Club in Lakeside on Saturday April 30.  We had about 40 players, several of which went on after the round and 19th hole to have dinner or test their luck at the Barona Casino.

Winners for the day:

Lowest # of 1 Putts:  Cindy Deming

Straightest Drive (probably also the longest!):  Sonya Brown-Conner 

Closest to the Pin: Jen Faye (hole #3) and Ashley Riggs-Zeigen (hole #16) 

Jen & Ashley 



Many thanks to the course for the wonderful practice area and beautiful course and to Chris Shorkey for being our Event Captain for the event!

Go to:

Flickr site for all photos.

Facebook for several photos and other info.


Our members trekked to the San Diego country side to play Woods Valley Golf Club in Valley Center.  The course gave us two different types of terrain on each 9 holes, one more open and flat, the other more in the woods with nice views.  We enjoyed warm and breezy spring conditions.

Then most of us celebrated the 19th hole at the home of member Loree Burley, who lives only a few minutes from the course. Loree treated us to a wonderful early dinner, supplying appetizers, salads, chicken, and meatballs.  Then we helped Loree celebrate her birthday by singing a great rendition of “happy birthday” and eating birthday cake.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOREE!

Winners for the day:

Closest to the Pin

Handicaps 24 and below:  Lis Eddy

Handicaps 25 and above:  Bobbie Zinker

Straightest Drive

         Chris Shorkey

Thanks to Chris Shorkey for setting up our event and Loree Burley for providing the delicious food and beautiful setting for the 19th hole!


SWING INTO SPRING!             

The San Diego Chapter held their Annual Membership Kickoff event on March 20, 2016 at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn.  

The day started with an 8:00am shotgun step-aside scramble with for 56 members and guests, followed by lunch, sponsor showcase, golf awards, opportunity drawings and introductions of our newest members: 

          Elly Reid, Brenda Lindloff, Amy Stowers, Debra Weikel, Cathleen Davies, & Kim Holmes - Welcome!

Game Winners:

1st Place – Beth Davidson, Jen Faye, Kristi Woodard, Joan Kuhns 

2nd Place – Elly Reid, Ashley Riggs-Zeigen, Lis Eddy, Judy Schons

CTTP – Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie & Anne Gold

Straightest Drive – Mary Shepperd


Shot of the Day - Eagle for her Scramble team at #17 by Jen Faye!!!:


A great big thank you to our sponsors and members who donated wonderful items for the opportunity drawings and to the many volunteers who helped put on a great event!  

Go to Flickr for all photos from this event.  


St Patrick's Day Event at Salt Creek Golf Club - March 13, 2016

 We were 40 members strong at this annual St. Patrick's Day event, held this year at the very quick Salt Creek Course in South San Diego County.  The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm. Head Leprechaun Pat Haberman created the "Leprechaun Shenanigans" game (also known at Cross Country!) for us all to play.  We were also challenged with the "Shamrock Surprise" game.  Pat stenciled our golf ball with a green shamrock and whoever returned with that ball after 8 holes was entered into a prize drawing.


    "Leprechaun Shenanigans":    1st: Marisa Farpon, 2nd: Lois Spence

    Closest to the Pin:   Loree  Burley and Cathy Wright

    "Shamrock Surprise":    Anne Gold and Melissa Bright

    50/50 Drawing:   Kim Davis and Beth Davidson

    Best St Patrick's Day Outfit:  Beth Davidson and Chris Shorkey


  Lois, Anne, Loree, Marisa, Cathy    Chris, Beth  

 Thanks to  Pat Haberman for being our event captain for this very fun event!


We spent Saturday March 5 at Oaks North Executive Golf Course at one of our Golf Education and Programs events.  We had a 3 station clinic, which covered full swing, chipping, and putting; followed by 18 holes of golf on the East and South courses; followed by lunch on the outdoor patio at the course.  This event qualifies for the short course requirement for our Virtual League.


Joan, Glory, Cathy


Closest to the Pin: Joan Kuhn

Chip Ins:  Glory Cadenhead, Joan  Kuhn, Cathy Wright

Lowest # of Putts:  Cathy Wright


Closest to the Pin Winners:

Kathleen Nelson & Marie Brown

We had a very warm, breezy and beautiful day today.  The course is a pretty flat, walkable and open track.  The 19th hole was fun!

Thanks to Chris Shorkey for making all the arrangements  If you can help us by being an event captain (Chris will help you!), please contact her at golfevents@ewga-sd.org.  Remember, you will earn an extra Player Card sticker each time you volunteer!

Remember to "like" our Facebook and Twitter pages!


Jen Reynolds       Mindy

We had a very warm, breezy and beautiful day today.  This course offers plenty of challenges  - doglegs, numerous bunkers, lots of elevation and plenty of length.  The 19th hole was very informative, offering details on match play league, virtual league and our facebook and twitter pages (please "like" our pages).


Game (net score):

1st net - Minday (68)
2nd net - Jennifer Reynolds  (71)

Skills Challenge:

CTTP # 4- Dorothea Sledge
CTTP # 17 - Susan Crawford

Best President's Day Red, White and  Blue Outfit:

Cretia Hadley and Cathy Wright 

Thanks to Chris Shorkey for making all the arrangements and Annette Hirt and her assistant Bobbie Zinker for being the Event Captains.  If you can help us by being an event captain (Chris will help you!), please contact her (golfevents@ewga-sd.org).  Remember, you will earn an extra Player Card sticker each time you volunteer!


Fun was had by all on Superbowl Sunday at Ranch Bernardo Inn.  An 8:00 shotgun allowed everyone to have a full day of golf, with a very fun 19th hole, and still get to their respective superbowl parties.



1st net Bobbie Zinker
2nd net Gina Randolph

Skills Challenge:

CTTP #2 Suzanne LaTour
CTTP #11 Jen Faye

Go to:

Flickr site for all photos.

Facebook for several photos and other info.

Event Results page for prior event results.


We had a big field at the Redhawk course in Temecula, with tee times extending from 10:00 a.m. to noon.  This very challenging course, with fast and very undulating greens, winds in and out of canyons and has a plethora of flora and fauna to enjoy.  The morning was very cool, but the it warmed up and we enjoyed a beautiful, mostly sunny Temecula day of golf.  Members, spouses and guests enjoyed the golf game and the great appetizers sponsored by the chapter at the 19th hole.


Game:  highest # of one-putts: Cretia Hadley and Pat Haberman

Closest to the Pins: Marisa Farpon and Julie Shore (guest from the Raleigh/Durham chapter). 

Thanks to Chris Shorkey for arranging and being event captain for this event.

Go to:

Flickr site for all photos.

Facebook for several photos and other info.



The day start off quite frosty!  Due to the low temps, the course had a frost delay, which changed our shotgun from an 8:00 start to an 8:45 start.  But things quickly warmed up and we enjoyed a beautiful sunny San Diego day of golf.  Members, spouses and guests enjoyed the golf game and the great appetizers sponsored by the chapter at the 19th hole.



Game (two balls from the foursome, chosenly randomly): Meinir Heilbrun, Lynn McCarter, Kim Davis, Cretia Hadley, with a net of 154!

Closest to the Pins: Marie Horn, Judy Land;

50/50 winners: Sonja Stevenson for CTTP; Fairways and Greens in Regulation: Dorotha Sledge (1st) and Sonja Stevenson (2nd)

Longest Drive - Sonya Brown-Conner.

Thanks to Sonja S and Dorothea S for being co-captains for this great annual event.  Also thanks to Connie Paster and Cretia Hadley for helping them with the adding, counting, & auditing process following the round, to come with an accurate accounting of all the winners and the funds!  50% of the cash contributed to the 50/50 games will be donated to a junior golf program. 

Go to:

Flickr site for all photos.

Facebook for several photos and other info.





 Holiday Party Weekend, Sycuan Golf Resort - Dec 5-6, 2015 

Wow, what a spectacular event we were treated to!  About 70 of us enjoyed the great weather (just a little chilly early on!) and courses, followed by a delicious luncheon. During the luncheon we visted sponsors, gave away a couple dozen raffle prizes and announced the golf winners and annual award winners.

Special thanks to the committee for planning and implementing such a fun party (in no particular order): Pat Haberman, Jennifer Reynolds, Ashley Riggs-Zeigen, Alicia Torres, Bobbie Zinker, Lis Holman, Gina Randolph, Judy Schons, Glory Cadenhead, Wendy Eagle, Sharon Council, Dorothea Sledge, Sonja Stevenson and Chris Shorkey.

Here are the winners:

Saturday Golf, 12/5/15

We played the Oak Glen course.  Event Captain Pat Haberman designed our “Secret Santa” game. Everyone picked a card depicting Xmas items, and then was matched up with the player with the like card at the end of the round. Net scores were added together to arrive at the lowest pairs.

1st Place – Pat Haberman and Ken Martinez.  (Did someone audit the cards? Ho! Ho!).

2nd Place – Kim Davis and Michelle Schmidt

CTTP on # 18 winner – Marie Horn 

Sunday Holiday Party, 12/6/15 

Golf Game – “Santa’s Little Helpers”. Event Captain Jennifer Reynolds (also known as “Sauce Goddess”) created a very festive game.  Players were given 4 stickers to help get out of tough situations and a 6 foot piece of ribbon to assist with making putts. Winners:

               Dasher Flight (HC 9-24)

                              1st Marie Shannon

                              2nd Beth Pires

               Comet Flight (HC 25 – 29)

                              1st Ashley Riggs-Zeigen

                              2nd Cindy Deming

               Blitzen Flight (HC 30-45)

                              1st Andy Wayne

                              2nd Marcia Colman


               Dasher  - Sonja Stevenson

               Comet  – Ken Loyst         

               Blitzen  – Marie Brown

Annual Awards 

Virtual League

Suggs Flight

               1st – Lois Spence

               2nd – Cathy Wright

               3rd – Sonja Stevenson

      4th – Dorothea Sledge 

Powell Flight

               1st – Pam Pongratz

               2nd – Chris Shorkey

               3rd – Pat Haberman

Ko Flight

               1st – Gina Randolph

               2nd – Bobbie Zinker

               3rd – Loree Burley 

Most Improved Golfer (Based on Index Improvement)

Overall Winner – Vickie Geyer 

By Flight:

               Championship – Val Robbins

               1st – Kathy Eagle

               2nd – Mindy Hartstein

               3rd – Jen Faye

               4th – Jeanie Leighton

 Congratulations to all the winners.  Great golfing ladies and gents!  

A very important part of our Holiday Event is the giving component.  For the last few years, we have chosen to donalte to the Armed Services YMCA Toy Program. Our members are able to donate online through the registration process and/or bring an unwrapped toy.  According to Dorothea Sledge, who managed this process, we raised $750 in cash and collected about $700 in toys, for a total donation of approximately $1450.  Thanks so much everyone!



There were a few spooky looking characters on the beautiful Barona Golf Club course on Holloween day, October 31. 44 golfers experienced quite a challenge on the course that included wide fairways for your tee shot, but very guarded and hard surfaced greens. We played "rotate the orange ball", the score for the person hitting the orange ball counting for that hole.  If you team returned with an orange ball, the team was eligible to compete for the low score.


Winners for the  day:

Orange Ball Game:  The team of Dorothea Sledge, Sonja Stevenson, Paula Covert, and Marie Horn.

Closest to the Pin:   Pam Thompkins

Thanks to "Witch" Chris (Shorkey) for organizing the event!


Cal Cup Match Play Event - October 24 - 25, 2015

Cal Cup Match Play Tournament - Sat & Sun, October 24-25, 2015

The 9th Annual California Cup Match Play Tournament was held at Rancho Canada Golf Club - Carmel by the Sea, CA, on  Sat-Sun October 24-25. Most players also played a practice round on Friday, Oct 23.  Eleven chapters from California and Northern Nevada descended upong the Monterey/Carmel area to take part in this popular long standing event.  

While our team's results were not  what we had hoped for (we finished right in the middle of the pack, tied for 6th place with the LA chapter), everyone enjoyed the team camaraderie and the beautiful area.  

Saturday: Sunday:


Right Picture:Back Row: Marie Shannon, Rhonda Myers,Wendy Eagle, Louise Tang Melissa Bight, Susan Crawford' front row: Suzanne LaTour, Annaliza Apostol, Dorothea Sledge, Pam Pongratz, Cathy Wright

The Cal Cup

Sonoma, Napa, Marin comes in 1st Place with 14 out of 18 points! Great playing ladies!


Bernardo Heights Country Club - Saturday, October 17, 2015

Our Chapter enjoyed a beautiful day at the Bernardo Heights Country Club.  This was a special member/guest event.  We teed it up with a 12:45 shotgun start, which made it very handy to allow us all to celebrate together at the 19th hole.  Thanks to Pam Pongratz, Member Recruitment Director, for organizing this event, along with Chris Shorkey, Events Director.

Members and Guests:

Ashley Riggs-Zeigen/Julie Chang; Beth Davidson/Tina Lane; Lis Eddy/Elly Reid:

Game Winner (highest # of 1 putts) - Connie Pasterkiewicz:

(Connie, Judy Land and Elly Reid all had 9 one putts (wow!), and Connie won in a card-off.)


Closest to the Pin Winners: Julie Chang, Kethleen Nelson:

The chapter provide wine for the 19th hole participants and the golf club did a fabulous job providing us with great snacks.

EWGA Cup Qualifier, Sparks Nevada - October 3-4, 2015

Fun was had by all at the EWGA Cup Western/Pacific Qualifier two day match play competition.  The weekend was filled with laughs and gambling, great food, and lots of golf.

Congratulations go to the Driving Divas team who finished 2nd in the competition and will be going to the finals in Florida in November!   San Diego Chapter Rocks! 

Driving Divas Team:

Meghan Smith

Pam Pongratz

Marie Shannon

Suzanne LaTour

Wendy Eagle

Sharon Council

Bobbie Zinker

Pat Lafser






Chix with Stix Team:   

Gina Randolph

Kim Davis

Lois Spence

Sonja Stevenson

Dorothea Sledge

Lisa Shelton-Finch

Lis Eddy

Chris Shorkey







Lake San Marcos Executive Course - September 13, 2015

This was one of our short course events. (A reminder, a short course is required for the Virtual League). The course was recently renovated with a turf reduction program, and is very green and in good shape. Tough rough, narrow fairways and a lot of elevation change makes this executive course challenging.  

We played Texas Two Step. Use one score on the odd holes and 2 scores on the even holes. The team of Chris Shorkey and Dorothea Sledge won the game! Congrats ladies!  

Thanks to Dorothea and Sonja Stevenson for setting up this event!

La Costa Golf Resort, Champions Course - September 6, 2015

We experienced a beautiful and very challenging course today.  Some played the silver tees (forward) and some the gold.  Due to the ample bunkers protecting the greens, both sets of tees were a challenge!

Winners: Challenge Won: Prize Won:
Lynne Cardarelli CTTP (hdcp +25) EWGA cap
Pam Tompkins CTTP (hdcp +25) EWGA insulated mug
Cathy Wright Straightest drive EWGA golf towel

Congratulations winners! 

Many thanks to Chris Shorkey for setting up this event and being the Event Captain! 

Encinitas Ranch - August 22, 2015

We played our New Member Spotlight event Saturday, 8/22, at the coast on the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course.  28 members, including 8 new members and a guest, attended and enjoyed the gentle breezes and inviting course.  the 19th hole provided an opportunity to inroduce new members for this year and award prizes!

Winners: Event: Prize:

Debra Weikel CTTP Silver tees $10 gift cert
Marcia Corenman CTTP-Hdcp 35+ "
Pam Pongratz CTTP-Gold tees "
Ashley Riggs-Zeigen Grand Prize Drawing Free EWGA round
Virginia Chasey 2nd Drawing EWGA towel
Marissa Sandoval 3rd Drawing EWGA hat

Congratulations winners!

Also recognized for their incredible recruitment results were Nancy Homer and Judy Land. This year so far Nancy brought in 6 new members and Judy 3 new members.  Wow! Great job!

Lastly, thanks to Pam Pongratz for being our Event Captain!


The Crossings - August 16, 2015

We played the challenging "The Crossings" course in Carlsbad.  So glad to be on the coast on this very warm San Diego County day! Following the golf round, most of us attended the BBQ at Susan Crawford's house.  Thanks so much to her and her husband for hosting our "19th hole" at their place!

Winners: What they won: Prize:

Susan Crawford Straightest Drive $10 Golf Mart gift certificate
Glory Cadenhead CTTP "
Shannon Moran Low Gross "
Miranda Fleischer Low Net "

Thanks to Melissa Bright for being our Event Captain!

Camp Pendleton - Match Play with Orange County, August 8, 2015

Some of us played match play against Orange County and some of us played regular stroke play.  We all enjoyed seeing the lone bison out on the driving range!  It was a long, challenging course, but fun was had by all. Thanks to event captain Chris Shorkey for organizing the entire production!

Winners: What they won: Prize

Diana Aston CTTP LPGA Towel
Judy land    " Stroke Counter
Pasterkiewicz    " Coaster

Thanks for coming everybody!

Carmel Mountain Ranch - July 5, 2015


Most of the 22 players were resplendent in their red, white and blue. Special mention to: Nancy Homer who even decorated her cart; Glory Cadenhead whose bag (and attire) is red, white and blue; Liz Eddy with her Solheim Cup shoes of red, white and blue.  The game of the day was "Last Flag Standing", wherein players would literally plant their flag on the course where they reached their "game strokes" (par plus 2/3 of course handicap). Cathy Wright held out the longest, planting her flag after the first shot on the 18th whole, followed by Glory Cadenhead, who finished the game putting her bll in the 17th hole, followed by Suzanne LaTour who finished earlier on the 17th hole. Glory had a great day, as she also won closest to the pin on hole #11.  Congrats everyone!


Southern CA/Desert Southwest Chapter Championship Semi-Finals in San Diego


Congratulations to our San Diego Trophy Winners!!!

3rd Flight: 

Christina McMenamin -   1st Low Gross    102/70
Lorrie Michener -  2nd Low Net      112/82

4th Flight:

Gina Randolph -  2nd Low Gross   113/70 

With her 1st Place Low Gross score, Christina is advancing to the Finals!  Go to Photo Gallery for link to Flickr for more pictures!

Christina McMenamin

Eclectic Tournament - June 6 and June 20 at Eagle Crest Golf Course

Putting Contest:  Pam Pomgratz and Marissa Farpon
     Award:  They each won an EWGA Tumbler
Closest to the Pin:
          Chardonnay Flight:  Dorothea Sledge
          Merlot Flight:  Mindy Hartstein

     Award:  They each won a Ball Marker

The Eclectic Game:
          Chardonnay Flight: Gross Score:  Dorothea Sledge/Sonja Stevenson with a 70!
               Award:  $10 Gift Card each
          Net Score:  Lois Spence/Lynne Cardarelli with a 52!
               Award:  2 Blue Chapter Chips each
          Merlot Flight: Gross Score (Correction!):   Paula Covertt/VickieGeyer with an 79!
               Award:  $10 Gift Card each
          Net Score:  Marissa Farpon/Judy Land with a 49!
               Award:  2 Blue Chapter Chips each

Emerald Isle Golf Course - June 7, 2015

Several members came out to enjoy the beautiful weather and cool ocean breezes for a round of golf at Emerald Isle Executive Course in Oceanside. Before the round, players learned many helpful tips from LPGA Pro Mug Ogg as she gave a very informative clinic on approach shots. After the clinic, adventurous players could opt in to the "4-club" extravaganza and play all 18 holes with just 4 clubs of their choice plus putter. We also had a fewest putts challenge and two closest-to-the-pin (CTTP) contests.


Congratulations to the winners:


4-club challenge: Glory Cadenhead (gross score of 67)


Fewest putts: Mindy Harstein (32 putts)


CTTP Hole 5: Alicia Torres


CTTP Hole 11: Kim Davis


Special Thanks to Dorothea Sledge and Sonja Stevenson for organizing this event!

Chapter Championship - May 31, 2015

The 2015 EWGA San Diego Chapter held this year's Chapter Championship Sunday, May 31 at the Willow Glen course at Sycuan Resort.  40 players participated, comprised of 20 individual stroke players and 5 scramble teams. It was a beautiful day, starting off cool and overcast and becoming warm and sunny, with a nice breeze.  The big winner of the day, our Chapter Champion, was Dorothea Sledge, who posted a low gross of 81, with a 72 net. Great playing Dorothea!

 Thanks to Chris Shorkey and Kerry Rauch for managing the event! Other details to follow soon.

San Vicente Golf Club - May 3, 2015

We had 36 ladies participating in our event on May 3rd at San Vicente.  It was a beautiful with perfect temperatures and playing conditions.

We played “selective nine” wherein each player determined in advance of play which 9 holes they wanted to count for their game score.  That’s tough because you’re just playing by the numbers – i.e. yardage and handicap rating – without having intimate knowledge of the course, or your ability to play that particular hole!!  But we all did it, and had fun.

The winners were:

Selective nine was won by Cathy Wright with a net 9 hole score of 29 – WOW. 

Our Closest to the Pin winners were Kerry Rauch and Susan Crawford.

The post-event survey results for San Vicente were very positive so it will definitely remain on our annual calendar!

Roam From Home Borrego Springs - April 25 - 26, 2015

Our 4th annual Roam from Home took us to a new destination this year – Borrego Springs.  Our event captains Beth Davidson and Nancy Homer organized our 35 members and 1 distinguished guest, and captain’s assistant, Beth’s husband Andy.  Our adventure began at the De Anza Country Club, a small equity owned club that is managed by JC Resorts.  Thankfully, we didn’t have to worry about the searing temperatures that we experienced the last 2 years in Palm Springs, although Mother Nature did roar in with very high winds and a few rain drops.  Oh well, who needs a visor anyway!  The course was lovely and the members were very welcoming.  Nancy Homer and Gina Randolph tied for low net and the Bingo, Bango, Bongo game was won by Annaliza Apostol with Marie Shannon coming in second.

From there we drove a short distance to the Borrego Springs Resort where we checked into our rooms, freshened up and gathered in the dining room for a group dinner.  The head waiter, Chris, was a classically trained pianist but we convinced him to kick up the tempo and the dancing began.  A good time was had by all!!

Sunday morning took us to Rams Hill Golf Club, a spectacular Tom Fazio designed course.   It is truly OMG phenomenal-and so was the weather.  Golf was followed by a delicious lunch on the patio, including a beautifully presented dessert.  Our group was treated to champagne by Chris Shorkey to celebrate her first-ever hole in one!  Winners for the day:  Gina Randolph and Marie Shannon won closest to the pins and Chris Shorkey and Sue Rowe won the 2-person scramble, with Lois Spence and Mindy Hartstein in second place.

Everyone agreed – Let’s do it again!!!


Saturday Winners

1st Place Low Net (after card-off)with score of 67:

Nancy Homer


2nd Place Los Net with

Score of 67:


Gina Randolph

Bingo Bango Bongo

1st Place:


Annaliza Apostol


CTTP hole # 16:



Marie Shannon

(not present for picture)

Sunday Winners

Scramble Team 1st Place:


Sue Rowe and Chris Shorkey


Scramble Team 2nd Place:


Mindy Hartstein and Lois Spence


CTTP hole # 9:


Gina Randolph

(pictured above left)

CTTP hole # 16:


Marie Shannon

(not present for picture)


Teeing it Up for Success at the Membership Kickoff at Rancho Bernardo Inn April 12, 2015

April 12th 2015 was a beautiful day in Rancho Bernardo and the Rancho Bernardo Inn again provided the perfect setting for our 2015 Membership Kickoff. This event was well attended and the best news is that we signed up 10 new members before the close of the event and 4 more in the following weeks for a total of 14 new members!  We are so excited to welcome these new members and I encourage you all to reach out to them and invite them to an event.


The day began with check-in at the registration table and distribution of goodie bags. After that guests were free to peruse the many opportunity drawing items and visit our sponsors and vendors. Once people were seated and enjoying their fabulous lunch of either chicken or skirt steak, the lucky winners of the sponsor donated items were announced. We want to thank our sponsors and vendors for their support and generosity; they help make all of our events special and successful.


This year we were lucky enough to have three inspiring speakers and we are so proud that all three are also active chapter members. Suzanne LaTour, owner of GolfTec San Diego, started us off with words of wisdom from her experiences as a financial advisor, business owner and golfer. Next up was Kim Estep, PGA pro at Sycuan, who continued the positive energy with insights from her walk with charity, golf and life. We wrapped up with Paula Mullins-Worster, owner of First Tee, who lifted us up and left us all dreaming of grand golfing destinations.  These ladies truly embodied this year’s theme, Teeing Up for Success.


Immediately following the speakers we hit the golf course. This year’s game was a four person step-aside scramble, also called a Florida scramble. In this format the person whose shot was used has to sit out on the next shot. This format was so much fun and kept the game moving so quickly, which gave us ample time to enjoy the 19th hole! Game winners of the day:

1st place team: Sonja Stevenson, Dorothea Sledge, Leslee Patterson, Beverly Patterson 

2nd place team: Paula Covert, Pam Patterson, Ashley Riggs-Zeigen, Cathy Wright 


Closest to the pin #2: Pat Haberman

Closest to the pin # 13: Dorothea Sledge



Straightest drive #15: Michelle Schmidt

After returning from the course we gathered on the patio to announce the winners and enjoy some well- earned beverages and munchies. Also waiting for us on the patio was the opportunity drawing results board, which thrilled some of us and to the others we wish you better luck next time. Please be sure and thank the wonderful kick-off volunteer team made up of: Pat Haberman, Nancy Homer, Marie Horn, Cathy Jorgensen, Pat Lafser, Sue Rowe and Chris Shorkey – you ladies ROCK!

Presidents' Day at Country Club of RB - Feb. 16, 2015


EWGA San Diego members, most for the first time, were able to enjoy playing at the beautiful Country Club of Rancho Bernardo on Monday, February 16.  The course was in incredible shape and provided a lot of challenge with a lot of elevation change, blind shots and sloping greens.

Winners for the day were:

Closest to the Pin on hole 12
lower handicappers - Dorothea Sledge
higher handicappers - Pat Haberman (nice birdie!)
Game winner - Annette Hirt. We played Four Flusher, (your best 9 par fours, minus half your course handicap).  Annette scored a net 31.5!

Congratulations Ladies!  Thanks to everyone that came out to play this private country club course, and thanks to Chris Shorkey for arranging this unique event.

New Year's Day at Carmel Highland Ranch Resort - Jan. 1, 2015

January 1, 2015 - New Years Day Event at Carmel Highland Ranch Resort                  
Our Chapter members and several guests enjoyed perfect weather and great golf at our annual New Year's Day Event at Carmel Highland Ranch Resort.   After our 8:30 shotgun start and a wonderful morning of golf, everyone gathered for appetizers and beverages, and prizes!

  Winners for the day were:
Dorothea Sledge - low putts
Lois Spence - CTTP on Hole 9
Ruud Noordzij (guest of Annaliza Apostol) - CTTP on Hole 16​


Congratulations Ruud, Lois and Dorotha!

Annual Holiday Golf Event - Dec. 6, 2014

Our Chapter members and their many guests enjoyed perfect weather and great golf at our annual holiday event held at Sycuan Golf Resort. After our shotgun start and a wonderful morning of golf, everyone gathered for a delicious catered lunch by the Sycuan staff. Members and guests were encouraged to visit with all of our very generous sponsors who were exhibiting and also donated over 3 dozen gifts for the fun opportunity drawings! Congrats to all the winners. A highlight of our annual holiday party is the fundraiser for the Armed Services YMCA San Diego. A total of 49 new, unwrapped toys were given worth approximately $980,  plus $975 in cash donations were received. Well done, EWGA!!!

Finally, all of the winners were announced for the day's golf event in addition to the annual golf programs winners:

Stroke Play, Low Net -
1st Overall: Tim Luey (guest of Laura Wilson)
Candy Cane Flight, 1st: Sharon Council; 2nd: Sonja Stevenson
Santa Flight, 1st: Nancy Homer; 2nd: Sherry Seamon

Stroke Play, Low Gross -
Candy Cane Flight, 1st: Stan Jorgensen; 2nd: Dorothea Sledge
Santa Flight, 1st: Paula Covert; 2nd: Beth Davidson

Closest To The Pin Contests -
Hole #4, Candy Cane: Connie Pasterkiewicz;  Santa: Kerry Rauch
Hole #6, Candy Cane: Dorothea Sledge;  Santa: Kris Rollin
Hole #15, Candy Cane: Stan Jorgensen/Ken Martinez;  Santa: Nancy Homer

Select Holiday Holes (1-putts) -
Candy Cane Flight, 1st: Connie Pasterkiewicz; 2nd: Sonja Stevenson; 3rd: Kathleen Nelson
Santa Flight, 1st: Jen Tiner; 2nd: Cathy Jorgensen; 3rd: Annette Hirt

Annual Golf Programs Awards:

Virtual League -
Flight 1, 1st: Dorothea Sledge; 2nd: Suzanne LaTour
Flight 2, 1st: Cathy Wright; 2nd: Lois Spence; 3rd: Pam Pongratz
Flight 3, 1st: Chris Shorkey; 2nd: Pat Haberman; 3rd: Laura Wilson
Flight 4, 1st: Bobbie Zinker; 2nd: Jen Faye

Most Improved Index -
Overall: Cathy Jorgensen (36.2 to 29.0)
Flight 1: Kathleen Nelson
Flight 2: Bonnie Smith
Flight 3: Melissa Bright
Flight 4: Loree Burley

Congratulations to all the winners!  And many, many thanks to the holiday party committee for putting on a wonderful event: Cathy Jorgensen, Chris Shorkey, Pat Haberman, Pam Pongratz, Kim Davis, and Beth Pires.

Maderas Golf Club - Nov. 11, 2014

We're always happy to play at Maderas Golf Club, our chapter's 2nd largest sponsor. We wore our best Red, White, and Blue on this Veterans Day to honor those who served our country. The game of the day was won by Libby Tate, who had the best net score using Par 4's minus course handicap. Big contratulations to Mary Sheppard who won BOTH closest-to-the-pin competitions on Holes 4 and 17. Now that's some pinseeking! Thanks to everyone who came out to play on this weekday holiday.

Welk Resort - Nov. 2, 2014

And a One...And a Two...Our Chapter had a great time playing the Fountains Executive Golf Course at the Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido, CA. Our group started the morning with a very helpful short game clinic by Welk Golf Pro Daniel. Then we showed off our skills with contests during our round for quickest chip-in (Loree Burley on the first hole - wow!), fewest putts (Cretia Hadley), and longest drive (Jen Faye). Our winners are pictured below:

L-R: Loree, Jen, Cretia

Cal Cup Tournament - Oct. 25-26, 2014


The 2014 edition of the EWGA Cal Cup tournament was played at Robinson Ranch Golf Course in Santa Clarita. The San Diego Cal Cup team did extremely well this year. With 11 points after the 2 day tournament, San Diego came in 3rd place, just 1 point away from the 1st place team, Fresno/San Joaquin, with 12 points. Orange County came is 2nd with 11.5 points. We played courses that had really dried out the fairways, due to the ongoing drought in California, so the ball really rolled a lot and often ended up in places (and distances) that you would never imagine!


Aviara Golf Club - Monday, Columbus Day, October 13, 2014

The lucky players who got to play on Monday, Columbus Day, enjoyed one of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in our county!  Thanks very much to Bonnie Smith who was the Event Captain for this event!

Winners: 3 Nasty Ladies Game: 1st Place: Nancy Homer, 2nd Plance: Beth Davidson;  CTTP Winner: Sharon Durling


The Golf Club of California - September 28, 2014

Thanks to Chris Shorkey for getting this very beautiful Fallbrook course on our event list and for getting them to agree to be a sponsor once again!  Our players enjoyed the relatively short, but challenging track, including the par 3 closest to the pin hole with the bunker in the middle of the green!  The course provided range balls for us and at 19th hole, the chapter provided delicious appetizers.  

 Closest to the Pin Winner: Cathy Wright

Coronado Golf Course - September 21, 2014

Michelle Schmidt was the event captain for this event.  All the players enjoyed the wonderful cool breezes coming off the ocean at the Coronado Golf Course.  At the 19th hole, the group got together to celebrate the beautiful day, award prizes to our winners, and enjoy drinks and food out on the patio.    

Marie Shannon, CTTP Winner; Connie Paster, Half & Half Game Winner; Pat Haberman, CTTP Winner

EWGA Cup Pacific Qualifier Results Sept 12-14 2014


The 16 EWGA Cup players from San Diego (comprised of two 8 person teams, the Driving Divas and Chix with Stix)  played in The Pacific Region Qualifier on September 13 and 14th on the Pete Dye Course at the Westin Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage, CA.  The teams played in probably the hottest venue ever as the desert experienced a heat wave that took the temperatures to the 105+ degree range.  Ten teams in all from the region competed and they are all to be commended for sticking it out for the Friday practice round and the Saturday and Sunday competitive rounds.  Everyone had to pay strict attention to hydrating constantly, drinking water with electrlytes, staying in the shade as much as possible, using the wet neck towels provided by the course, and watching out for signs of heat exhaustion!  It was survival of the fittest out there!  Unfortunatly for San Diego, the competition was very stiff and we won't be moving on to the finals on December 7 and 8 at Troon North in Scottsdale. Saturday was a slow start for us, but both teams accumulated quite a few more points on Sunday, with the Driving Divas getting 6 out of 8, and missing 4th place by half a point.  Thanks Ladies - everyone did their best in very difficult weather conditions!  Team Captain Susan Crawford was heard to say "We'll be ba-aack"!



Melissa Bright                                            Annaliza Apostol
Glory Cadenhead                                      Cathy Billmyre
Susan Crawford (Captain)                        Lynne Cardarelli
Wendy Eagle                                             Sharon Council (Captain)
Marie Shannon                                          Pat Lafser
Chris Shorkey                                            Rhonda Myers
Lois Spence                                                Pam Pongratz
Cathy Wright                                              Michelle Schmidt

Photo Gallery

Lomas Santa Fe Executive Course - Aug. 31, 2014

Dorothea Sledge was the event captain for this event.  She set up a 50/50 opportunity, where for a donation of $20, 50% of the money collected went to the EWGA Foundation, and the remaining 50% was divided between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place low gross winners. $320 was collected, so $160 will be sent to the EWGA Foundation.  Separate prizes were also given to those who placed the next best 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  The winners in that order were:

For the 50/50 game:  Dorothea Sledge ($80), Sally Hagar ($40), and Glory Cadenhead ($40)

For the remaining players: Cathy Wright (Reidy Creek Play for 4), Judy Schons (GolfTec lesson), and Pat Lafser (GolfTec lesson)

CTTP: Laurie Ainslie (guest and sister of member Sherry Seamon) won play for 4 at Oaks North

Thanks to Event Volunteers:  Bobbie Zinker and Marie Shannon

50/50 Winners: Dorothea, Glory, Sally

Oaks North Summer League - Jul. 23-Aug.27, 2014

The 2nd summer league session of the year took place over the six week period from July 23 through August 27. Participants gathered at Oaks North executive course in Rancho Bernardo, where 9 holes of golf were played, starting at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings.

Players competed for closest to the pin and low putts at each session. Players in this league were: Susan Booth, Glory Cadenhead, Janie De La Sierra, Aly Dobek, Cretia Hadley, Lorrie Michener, Diane Nagle, Marie Shannon and Cathy Wright. The last evening after golf, some of the players went to Rancho Bernardo Inn to celebrate.  Thanks ladies for participating!

Marine Memorial Golf Course - Aug. 24, 2014

On Sunday, August 24th our San Diego Chapter played the Marine Memorial Golf Course on Marine Base Camp Pendelton. It was another opportunity for our competitive teams to practice match play in preparation for the upcoming EWGA Cup and California Cup. Marine Memorial is a long and challenging course. The staff there was very welcoming and our players appreciated the low rates extended to our members and guests.

Thanks for Chris Shorkey for organizing this event and Congratulations to Paula Covert for winning Closest to the Pin. Paula is pictured here (left) with her guest Donna Walton (right):

For more photos from this event, please check out our Photo Gallery.

The Crossings at Carlsbad - August 17, 2014

We had 23 Chapter members and 2 guests enjoy a great day of golf at The Crossings at Carlsbad. The event was used for Match Play practice as our California Cup and EWGA Cup teams continue to prepare for their upcoming tournaments.

Congratulations to Closest To The Pin contest winners Roberta VanWart (Hole 17) and Cathy Billmyre (Hole 4). Many thanks to Event Captain Chris Shorkey for putting together this fun event, and to Susan Crawford for hosting a post-round barbecue at her home.


4th Annual SD-OC EWGA Chapters Meetup - August 9, 2014


Our 4th Annual Meet-Up with the EWGA Orange County Chapter was held at beautiful La Costa Golf Resort. The weather was perfect and a welcome reliefe from the recent hot and humid weather we've been experiencing.

Each Chapter had 10 official match players on each team. The format played was SINGLES to help our two Chapters prepare for the upcoming EWGA Cup and California Cup competitive team tournaments. There were also a whopping 35 casual play participants who cam out to enjoy La Costa. Foursomes were designed to allow us to get to know our OC counterparts better. In addition to the Match play rounds, there were plenty of other skills competitions for all players.

Congratulations to all the Winners!

Match Play: Orange County - 7 1/2 matches won; San Diego - 3 1/2 matches won

CTTP, Hole #11: Jan Cenedela
CTTP, Hole #14: Bonnie Fannin
CTTP, Hole #8: Suzanne LaTour
CTTP, Hole #6: Connie Pasterkiewicz
Straightest Drive: Wendy Eagle
Longest Drive: Linda Kueny

Thank you to event captain Marie Shannon and volunteers Connie Pasterkiewicz and Chris Shorkey
. We'd also like to thank OC organizer Bonnie Fannin.

Please visit the Photo Gallery to see more pictures from this great event!

Eclectic Partner Event, Eagle Crest GG - Jul. 13 & 20, 2014

Our EWGA San Diego Chapter recently held its First Annual Eclectic Partner Tourney at Eagle Crest Golf Course. In the eclectic format, two-player teams played two rounds over consecutive Sundays. Based on their handicap indexes, players were allowed “pops,” or strokes off, their gross score on each hole to generate per-hole net scores.  Over the course of the two rounds, each team selects their lowest net score for each hole to produce their best 18-hole score.  The team with the lowest Net score wins! Prizes were awarded to 1st and 2nd Place teams.

The team of Joan Kuhns and Jen Faye won with a net score of 47, followed by Pam Pongratz and Laura Wilson with a net score of 53.When Communications Director Cathy Wright asked the winning team how they were able to improve on their already very low net score, Jen said “when we found out we were leading going into the second round, we had a plan to really concentrate on the holes that we knew we could score better on that we did the first round.” Joan added, “the team format worked out really well for us because many times, if one of us had a bad hole, the other one came through with a good score. We both contributed.”

There were also opportunities to win prizes with competitions for Closest-to-the-Hole and Longest, Straightest Drive. Following the second and final round played on July 20, the players gathered in the Eagle Crest clubhouse for a delicious BBQ lunch. A 50-50 coin toss was held, with proceeds donated to the First Tee Junior Golf Program. We would like to extend many thanks and our appreciation to Mark Hayden, Head Pro/GM at Eagle Crest Golf Club, as well as Brian Perkins, Tournament Director, and the entire wonderful staff for hosting this fun event for us.

Congratulations to all the Winners!

1st Place Team: Joan Kuhns & Jen Faye (Net 47)

2nd Place Team: Pam Pongratz & Laura Wilson (Net 53)

CTTP, July 13: Susan Crawford

CTTP, July 20: Mindy Hartstein

Longest, Straightest Drive: Suzanne LaTour

Thank you to event captain Sonja Stevenson and volunteers Dorothea Sledge, Alicia Torres, and Bobbie Zinker for organizing this fine event

Winning Team Jen and Joan

Check out the Photo Gallery for more pictures from this event!

EWGA SoCal Desert SW District Semi-Final Championship - June 28, 2014

The EWGA San Diego Chapter played in the 2014 EWGA Semi-Final Championship for the Southern California and SW Desert District, where our Chapter was represented by 7 individual stroke players and 1 scramble team. Other Chapters that participated were from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs/Desert, Riverside/Inland Empire and Tucson/Old Pueblo, AZ. Also, big kudos to the Orange County Chapter, our gracious host for this huge event.

The weekend began on Friday at the host Hotel Irvine with a voluntary rules meeting that was very informational. The meeting was followed by an optional twilight practice round at the tournament venue to get ready for the big event on Saturday morning. After the practice round, some of the ladies from our San Diego Chapter gathered at a local restaurant for a relaxing dinner on Friday night.

The tournament took place on Saturday morning at beautiful Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine. Locals commented that the course was in the best shape they have seen in a long time, which made the golf very enjoyable for all. The tree-lined course offered wide fairways but challenged golfers with well-placed sand traps, waste areas, and native grasses and foliage. After playing the competitive round, golfers enjoyed a well-deserved buffet lunch followed by the awards ceremony.

Huge congratulations to our own Chris Shorkey who won Low Net in the 2nd Flight of the competition!  As a result of her spectacular play, Chris will advance to the national championship in Tennessee in October. Honorable mention to Louise Tang for placing in 2nd Low Gross after a 3-way card-off for Low Net in the Championship Flight. Other San Diego Chapter members who played in the tournament were Dorothea Sledge, Suzanne LaTour, Marie Shannon, Pat Haberman, and Jen Faye. The Scramble Team was Sharon Council, Beth Pires, Carolyn Jones, and Wendy Eagle. Well done, ladies, for proudly representing our San Diego Chapter.

Complete results and scores from the tournament may be viewed here: SoCal/SW Desert Regional Semi-Final


                        2nd Flight Low Net Winner Chris Shorkey.

 Check out our chapter photo gallery to see more pictures from this event!

Barona Creek Colf Club - June 21, 2014

June 21, 2014 - We played beautiful Barona Creek Golf Club in Lakeside, CA. There was a great turn-out for this popular course, with 40 players total. We welcomed 2 new members, Karen and Adrienne, and we appreciated the several guests who joined us for an enjoyable round of golf.

For the game of the day, players added up their best 9 holes minus half their course handicap. Congratulations to Marie Shannon and Joan Kuhns who tied with the best low net score of 23.5! There were closest to the pin contests on Holes #3 and #16. Congrats to Louise Tang for winning both holes. Great golfing ladies!

Thank you to event volunteers Chris Shorkey and Sue Rowe.

Co-winner Joan Kuhns showing off her prize.

Check out the photo gallery to see more pictures from this event!

Chapter Championship 2014


On June 7, 2014, the EWGA San Diego Chapter Championship took place at beautiful Sycuan Golf Resort. Participants included 18 players that competed in individual stroke play (in five different skill flights), as well as 6 foursome teams that played in the scramble division. The Willow Glen course at Sycuan played difficult but fair, with tree-lined fairways and areas of long rough.

After completing the round in record time, players gathered for an awards reception to share experiences from the day’s play and to congratulate the winners, including the new Chapter Champion Dorothea Sledge. First place scramble team honors went to Sharon Council, Carolyn Jones, Wendy Eagle, and Beth Pires. Congratulations to all flight winners who advanced to the EWGA District Semi-Finals to be held in Irvine on June 28. For a complete list of all flight winners, please see our results page.

Special thanks and recognition go to the volunteers who did an amazing job organizing our Chapter Championship: Mary Lou O’Keefe (event chair), Chris Shorkey, Terri O’Neil, Beth Davidson, Tim O’Neil (photographer), Sheila Durfey (USGA rules official), Sharon Council, Michelle Schmidt, and scramble team markers: Laura Wilson, Bob Haberman, Andy Wayne, Mark Finch, John Schmidt, Ruud Noordzij. We would also like to thank the wonderful staff at Sycuan for their hospitality, beautiful accommodations and great appetizers.

Check out the photo gallery to see more pictures from this event!


                   Event Date: Saturday, June 7, 2014
            Venue: Sycuan Willow Glen Course, El Cajon, CA

Stroke Play  
 4th Flight
1st place low net - Susan Booth
1st place low gross - Jennifer Faye
         3rd Flight
1st place low net - Kim Davis
1st place low gross - Jackie Meyer

 2nd Flight
2nd place low net - Pam Pongrantz
1st place low net - Chris Shorkey
2nd place low gross - Beth Graff
1st place low gross - Pat Haberman
   1st Flight
1st place low net - Suzanne LaTour
1st place low gross - Marie Shannon

 Championship Flight
2nd place low net - Angela LoSasso
1st place low net - Louse Tang
2nd place low gross - Cathy Billmyre
1st place low gross - Dorothea Sledge
     Dorothea Sledge - Chapter Champion!

 2nd Place Scramble Team
Cathy Wright (captain)
Pat Lafser
Bobbie Zinker
Connie Pasterkiewicz
   1st Place Scramble Team
Sharon Council (captain)
Carolyn Jones
Wendy Eagle
Beth Pires



Memorial Day Event - May 26, 2014


Our EWGA San Diego Chapter held its first annual Memorial Day Event at Carmel Mountain Golf Club. To show appreciation for this important national day of remembrance, players dressed in red, white, and blue and decked out their golf carts with American Flags.

The game of the day was Sweet and Sour. Players added together their 4 best holes on the front nine, their 4 best holes on the back nine, plus their one worst hole, then subtracted half their course handicap. The player with the lowest net score wins! We also had two closest-to-the-pin contests on Holes 11 and 12.

Sweet and Sour winner: Pat Lafser
Closest To The Pin #11: Lois Spence
Closest To The Pin #12: Cathy Wright
Congratulations, ladies!

Check out the photo gallery to see more pictures from this event!

Nine and Wine at Rancho Carlsbad Golf Course May 17, 2014

EWGA San Diego Chapter participated in the Nine and Wine theme for the month of May by offering and completing a clinic and nine holes of golf at Rancho Carlsbad Golf Club, May 17, 2014.  Participants were:  Event Captain Dorothea Sledge, Dianne Deuitch, Aly Dobek, her guest Diane Nagle, Kathleen Nelson, Pam Wells, and Sonja Stevenson.    The LPGA pro, Janette Gilliand performed a 30 minute clinic on pitching and chipping followed by all seven member practicing their skills for nine holes. Following the round,  everyone enjoyed socializing on the patio, along with the wine, beer, cheese, crackers, and fruit provided by Janette as part of the event.  Janette made herself available at the end of the event for questions.

Need lessons?  Contact Janette Gilliand:




We’ve roamed and now we’re home.  Despite Mother Nature blistering us with temps that tipped 100, all 50 players survived and enjoyed the courses we played this year.

Saturday, May 3rd was a 12:30 shotgun at the beautiful Desert Willow, Mountain View course.  Winners for that event were:  Closest to the pin all par 3’s-Lauren Mahan, Bonnie Smith, Val Robbins and Merri Harding.  The game of the day was Odd Holes and Susan Crawford took first place and Beth Davidson was second place.  After encountering a slight disappointment with our after-golf festivities, Desert Willow came thru with pitchers of margaritas on the house!

Sunday, May 4th brought us to the Rancho Mirage Country Club for an 8am shotgun.  It was a very pleasant experience to be able to play in just over 4 hours and then move into our private room for lunch and awards.  The day’s winners were:  Closest to the pin on all par 3’s-Dorothea Sledge, Heather Gebase, Chris Shorkey and again, Bonnie Smith.  Winners for the “alibi” game were Catherine Schiaffo, 1st place, and Melissa Bright, 2nd place.

We also awarded a special prize of a round of golf for 2 players at Salt Creek Golf Club to the low net players for the 2 days.  That was Susan Crawford whose game apparently gets hot in high temperatures!

Many thanks go to the volunteers for this event: Pat Lafser, Sue Rowe and Bobbie Zinker, and  Events Chair, Chris Shorkey, who organized the whole event.

To see photos from this event, please go to our Flickr album: Roam From Home 2014

Membership Kick-Off Event - Rancho Bernardo Inn - April 13, 2014

Annual Membership Kickoff - April 13, 2014 

“We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!” was the theme for this year’s membership kickoff luncheon. EWGA members and guests were treated to several wonderful presentations and a delicious lunch, followed by 18 holes of golf at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn. We had a huge turnout, so the game of the day was a team scramble format that got everyone excited about golf! Each par-3 hole was a closest-to-the-pin contest.

The Membership Kickoff was a huge success. The San Diego Chapter warmly welcomes eleven new EWGA members who enrolled at the luncheon: Pamela Tompkins, Tammy Grinde, Diane Deuitch, Peggy Miller, Karen Derenthal, Jane Reding, Jackie Young, Reina Reeves, Angela Poon, Loree Burley, and Frances Donnelly. We also extend much gratitude to the current members who invited their guests and encouraged them to sign up. We hope to see you all at an upcoming EWGA San Diego event.

Many thanks to Nancy Homer, Membership Chair, for her hard work in organizing this amazing happening. It also couldn’t have been done without the help of the kickoff committee volunteers: Lynne Cardarelli, Diane Braune, Lois Spence, Pat Haberman, Mindy Hartstein, Terri O'Neil, Marylou O'keefe, Pam Pongratz, Cathy Jorgensen, Kerry Rauch, Lauren Mahan, and Chris Shorkey. Your efforts are much appreciated! The day also wouldn't have been a success without the support of our great sponsors.
Golf Event Winners: 

        1st Place Scramble Team: Michelle Mink, Michelle Schmidt, Laura Wilson

        2nd Place Scramble Team: Lauren Mahan, Loree Burley, Jackie Gold, Diane Braune

        CTTP’s:  Angela LoSasso, Carol Heath, Sharon Durling, and Cathy Billmyre

Winning Scramble Team

Check out the photo gallery to see more pictures from this event!

Be sure to check back to our Events Results page for the previous event results!

Twin Oaks Golf Course - April 6, 2014

The Twin Oaks Golf Course in San Marcos was the venue for our first golf event in April.  It was an "Ace" of a day!  The game of the day was "Ace" which just means you take your gross score for 18 holes minus your course handicap to get your net score.  Everyone apparantly paid close attention to the Pace of Play guidelines because we all enjoyed a 4-1/2 hour round.  Great going Ladies!

        Lowest Net 1st Place: Kerry Rauch with a net 65!

        Lowest Net 2nd Place: Bobbie Zinker with a net 66!

        CTTP (hole 17): Bonnie Smith

Kerry, Bonnie, Bobbie

We would like to thank the guests that played with us today. Also, be sure to check out the photo gallery to see pictures from this event!

            Event Captain:   Chris Shorkey
            Other volunteer:  
Pat Haberman and Pat Lafser

      Thanks for volunteering ladies!

Be sure to check back to our Events Results page for the previous event results!

San Vicente - March 23, 2014

We all enjoyed a beautiful day at the San Vicente Resort and Golf Course in the San Diego Country Estates area of Ramona.  Event Captains Catherine Schiaffo and Sue Rowe designed a very creative poker game for the golfers.Everyone who wanted to play payed a $1 ante and was given 1 playing card to start with, and then had the opportunity of increasing the number of cards by getting chip-ins or one-putts.  The "earned" cards were doled out at the 19th hole and we all created our poker hands.


Poker Game: Amy Dray, Gina Randolph, and Louise Tang

Closest to the Pin: Annaliza Apostol and Kerry Rauch

Kerry Rauch

Golf Events Chair Chris Shorkey and Event Captains Catherine Schiaffo and Sue Rowe

Mt. Woodson Golf Course - MAR 16, 2014

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a little early at beautiful Mt. Woodson Golf Course in Ramona, CA. Everyone started the day with their game ball marked with a lucky shamrock. Anyone who still had their shamrock ball at the end of the day without losing it during the round was in contention to win the “pot of gold.” First and second lowest net scores shared the treasure. Everyone wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day earned an extra Chapter Chip.

                        Lowest Net Score Game Winner: Connie Pasterkeiwicz

                        Lowest Net Score Game 2nd Place: Chris Shorkey

                        Lost Ball Last Chance Drawing Winner: Terri O’Neil

CTTP winners:  Pat Lafser (Hole 3) and Jen Faye (Hole 11)

We would like to thank all the special guests that played with us today. Also, be sure to check out the photo gallery to see pictures from this event.

            Event Captain: Pat Haberman  
            Other volunteer:  Terri O’Neil

                        Thanks for volunteering ladies!

Lomas Santa Fe Country Club - FEB 17, 2014

While we were enjoying this prestigious country club course on Presidents Day, our field of 51 players played the murder mystery "It's a Presidential Scandal". Each cart two-some that scored a net par or better was able to look at the clue at that hole, hoping to solve the mystery of who murdered a former president. The answer to the mystery was:  Sharon Council, with the rope, at the Kennedy Center!

                        Murder Mystery: (in a card off):  Lis Eddy and Nancy Homer; Suzanne LaTour and Glory Cadenhead,
                        and Lois Spence and "da boys"--all awarded sleeves of golf balls

CTTP winners:  Bonnie Smith, Wendy Eagle and Melissa Bright

                        Special mention to Beth Davidson who holed her 5th shot from the fairway on hole #1 (a 100 yard shot) to score
                        a net eagle!

Great golfing ladies!

            Welcome new Members:  Angela LoSasso and Gina Randolph

            Event Captain: Catherine  Schiaffo.  
            Other volunteer:  Wendy Eagle, Glory Cadenhead

                        Thanks for volunteering ladies!

Everyone who filled in an event survey will receive a Chapter Chip and others get them for bringing guests.


           CTTP Hole #14 - Wendy Eagle              Beth Davidson - what a shot!



Eastlake Golf Club - JAN 26, 2014

EWGA San Diego traveled to south county on Sunday January 26th to play Eastlake Golf Club in Chula Vista. The game of the day was "Avoid the Hazards" where negative points for encountering hazards were offset by positive points for chip-ins, birdies, and 1 putts.

Winners of "Avoid the Hazards":

           1st Place - Mary Harding with +3             2nd Place - Chris Shorkey with +1 



Closest to the Pin: no one made the green!

            Welcome new Member:  Lis Eddy - from Seattle EWGA

            Event Captain: Catherine Schiaffo.  
            Other volunteer:  Susan Booth.
                        Thanks for volunteering ladies!

Temecula Creek Inn - JAN 12, 2014

EWGA San Diego Travels to Temecula for the January 12, 2014 Golf Event

24 EWGA San Diego members treked to south Riverside County to play the Creek/Oak courses at Temecula Creek Inn.  We greatly enjoyed the sunshine (temperature in the high 70's!) and views as we traversed through the Temecula Creek area.  The game played was "ACE", which is simply your gross score less your course handicap.
1st Place - Amy Dray with a net score of 70! - Wow!
2nd Place - Cathy Wright with a net score of 72

Closest to the Pin: Bonnie Smith

Great golfing ladies!

Event Captain: Chris Shorkey.  Thanks again, Chris!

Admiral Baker North Course New Year's Day Event

EWGA San Diego Celebrates the New Year
January 1, 2014 - Admiral Baker Golf Club - North Course

EWGA San Diego rang in the New Year while doing one of everyone's favorite things - playing golf.  We played a team "Guess Who I Am" game, accumulating clues by making pars.  The clues described 3 people from the golf world.  The answers were: Lydia Ko, Jordon Spieth, and Old Tom Morris. Five groups of golfers enjoyed the North Course, which is full of elevation changes and numerous vistas.
"Guess Who I Am" game: The team of Dorothea Sledge, Val Robbins, Sonja Stevenson, and Melissa Bright. 

Closest to the Pin: Dorothea Sledge

Longest Drive: Dorothea Sledge

Great golfing ladies!

Event Captain: Dorothea Sledge and Sonja Stevenson.  Thank you!

Bonita Golf Course December 15, 2013

14 of us enjoyed the last event of 2013 at the Bonita Golf course.  Many walked the relatively flat course that meandered around horse trails and corrals.  
We played the "Wild Aces" game (subtract 1 putts and full handicap from your gross score).  Winner: Kim Davis
Closest to the Pin: Glory Cadenhead

Great golfing ladies!

Event Captain: Chris Shorkey.  Thanks Chris!

Holiday Event Sycuan Golf Resort December 8, 2013

December 8, 2013 - Sycuan Golf Resort

EWGA San Diego put on a grand Holiday Event celebration last Sunday at Sycuan.  Over 80 people attended the event, which included a golf tournament, luncheon, toy and donation drive for the Armed Services YMCA, annual leadership awards, and a plethora of raffle prizes donated by our current and potential sponsors.

Golf Tournament Winners :

Holiday Ball Game: 
1st Place Team with a team score of 136 won $10 each:  Pam Pongratz, Mindy Harstein, Ken Martinez, and PJ Putich; 
2nd Place Team team score of 137 won $5 each:  Annaliza Apostol, Marie Shannon, Ruud Noordzij and Gene Bonk

Skill Challenges:    
Closest to the Pin: Susan Crawford, Kathy Eagle, Annette Hirt   
Straightest Drive: Terry O'Neil, and ???

Most Improved Index (4 flights): Marisa Farpon, Sue Bledsoe, Pat Haberman, Bobbie Zinker

Many, many thanks go to the Holiday Event Committee, chaired by Melissa Bright:

Susan Bledsoe, Sharon Council, Susan Crawford, Wendy Eagle, Pat Haberman, Marie Horn, Cathy Jorgenson, Rebecca Mayo, Shannon O'Leary, Catherine Schiaffo, Marie Shannon, Christine Shorkey, Dorothea Sledge, and Bobbie Zinker

Maderas Golf Club - November 4, 2013

The EWGA ladies were treated to beautiful weather on this Sunday, a perfect day for golf at the scenic Maderas Golf Club. This undulating, hilly course proved a challenge to all. The course was in great shape and the staff was incredibly accommodating. The game of the day was Triple Threat with Pat Haberman taking 1st place, followed by Sue Bledsoe with 2nd. Becky Mayo hit the Straightest Drive on Hole 12 and congrats to Heather Gebase for getting Closest to the Pin on Hole 7. EWGA San Diego would like to thank Sue Bledsoe for volunteering as this week's event captain.


 Warm up with coffee while you warm up on the
driving range at Maderas! 
   Looking up the fairway of the beautiful 
first hole at Maderas.

Mt. Woodson Golf Club - October 13, 2013

We had a great turnout for our event at Mt. Woodson Golf Club, one of our proud golf course sponsors. Pace of play was excellent, especially for a course like this with a challenging target-style layout. At the end of the day, not too many balls were lost and a good time was had by all. Congratulations to Nancy Homer for winning closest to the pin, pictured below showing off her well-deserved prize. The game of the day was "odd front nine/even back nine" hole scores adjusted by 1/2 course handicap. We had a tie! Congrats to Lauren Mahan and Chris Shorkey for sharing the low score! (pictured together below). Thanks to Bobbie Zinker for volunteering as this week's event captain.


Short Game Clinic at Rancho Carlsbad Golf Club with Jeanette Gilliand

Four members and one guest took advantage of the Short Game Clinic on Saturday, 9/14/13, with Jeanette Gilliand, a top 50 LPGA instructor at Rancho Carlsbad Golf Club. Jeanette was able to give one on one attention to all and focused on the bump and run chip shot.  In the next clinic, she'll focus on pitching and sand shots.  Following the clinic, everyone played 9 holes on the short course to immediately take advantage of lessons just learned.  Members that attended were Susan Booth, Cretia Hadley, Laura Wilson and Cathy Wright.  Laura brought a guest, Lindsay, who is a new golfer and a potential EWGA member. Thanks to Laura Wilson for setting this up!

Roam from Home to the Desert - May 4 and 5th, 2013

The weekend of May 4 and 5 th found many EWGA San Diego members and quests in the Palm Springs area for a stay and play event in the desert. 44 attendees golfed at the beautiful Celebrity Course at the Indian Wells Resort on Saturday.  We had a 1:30 p.m. shotgun start and it was quite warm for a while, but the breeze kicked in during the last half of play and cooled things down a little.  The following golfers were definitely "hot" as they won prizes for the various skills challenges:    

Player Event they won Prize

Roberta VanWart CTTP Golf Balls
Sherry Seamon CTTP Golf Balls
Mary Lou O'Keefe Accurate Drive A Flight Froggie
Laurie Foreman Accurate Drive B Flight Tervis Tumbler

On Sunday, 37 players made it to the Tahquitz Creek  course in Palm Springs.  Tahquitz is a very nice muni course in Palm Springs.  They offer both a breakfast and lunch special, which we all took advantage of, along with the drink ticket provided by the chapter. After lunch at the 19th hole, we celebrated the beautiful day and the skills challenges winners:

Lauren Mahan Accurate Drive A Flight Golf Coasters
Sally Hagar Accurate Drive B Flight License Plate Frame
Melissa Bright CTTP-A Flight Tervis Tumbler
Chris Shorkey CTTP-A Flight Sleeve of Balls
Laurie Foreman CTTP-B Flight Love Golf Towel
Marie Shannon  CTTP-B Flight  Love Golf Towel
Cretia Most 1 Putts Wine
Marie Horn Most 1 Putts Sleeve of Balls
Michelle Schmidt Most penalties & sand Toilet Paper
Heather Gebase Most penalties & sand Golf for Dummies

A great time was had by all and we are already talking about where to play next year.  Giant Kudos go out to Chris Shorkey for arranging this event!  Thanks also to Sue Rowe, who assisted Chris both days with registration.


The annual 2013 Membership Drive and Spring Kickoff event on April 21st was probably our best ever! It defined the "E" in EWGA:  exciting, enthusiastic, energizing and entertaining!!!  Kudos to Nancy Homer, our illustrious Membership Chair, and her committee members for creating an event that brought us 20 new members! Wow!

The Rancho Bernardo Inn was a show-stopping venue for this fabulous event and day of fun, food and golf.  The day included a Sponsor Showcase, Buffet Breakfast, and 9 holes of golf, followed by a10th hole no-host gathering to award game prizes and hold opportunity drawings, answer questions and sign up those new members.

We had 60 participants in all.  Winners of the Scramble golf game were the team of Lynne Cardarelli, Mindy Hartstein, Debbie Harlow and Lois Spence.  Closest to the pin winners were Jennifer Reynolds and Mary Ahler (guest turned new member!)  Nancy Homer won the sponsor promotion drawing for a stay at Sycuan Resort.  She’ll need the R&R after organizing this event!  Congratulations everyone.

Thanks to the committee members for their help with this event: Lynne Cardarelli, Kim Davis, Catherine Schiaffo, Susan Crawford, Mary Lou O’Keefe, Pat Haberman, Lois Spence, Melissa Bright, Wendy Eagle, Carolyn Jones, and Chris Shorkey.

Thanks also to these members who brought guests to our kickoff (many of whom converted to new members): Judy Schons, Bobbie Zinker, Lauren Mahan, Timberlyn Smith, Becky Pugh, Nancy Homer, Paula Covert, Kim Davis, and Laura Wilson.

Admiral Baker Feb 23, 2013

Dorothea Sledge and Sonja Stevenson were our co-captains for this beautiful day of golf at the Admiral Baker South Course. They designed a "modified waltz" game, where you discovered at the next hole which players' score to use for the previous hole, and the number of scores used depended on whether it was a par 3, 4 or 5.  Very creative!  The winning team consisted of players Annette Hirt, Sonja Stevenson, Marie Shannon, and Melissa Bright.  Honorable mention went to 2nd place team of Kim Davis, Paula Covert, and Chris Shorkey.  Sally Hagar won the Closest to the Pin and the golf related Black History Quiz (it's Black History Month!) winners were: Amy Dray, Nancy Homer, and Chris Shorkey. A great time was had at the 19th hole where we did the quiz, awards and appetizers!

Rancho Bernardo Inn February 3, 2013

A great time was had by all on Super Bowl Sunday at Rancho Bernardo Inn.  Many of our members found time to get their golf in before the big football game.  Event Captain, Sally Hagar, reached deep into her playbook and came up with a very creative football related game where the most points won!  Winners for the day were: Flight A: Marie Shannon; Blight B: Chris Shorkey; Flight C: Catherine Schiaffo.  CTTP winners were Mary Sue Howard and Catherine Schiaffo.  Then to top off her day, Catherine also had a birdie!

We had three guests at our event: Glory Cadenhead (who said she will join!), was brought by Merri Harding; Lois Spence came with Mike Lyons, and Lisa Shelton-Finch brought Mark Finch. 

Sycuan Oak Glen January 27, 2013

Thirty of us enjoyed our golf outing at Sycuan's Oak Glen course on this crisp January Sunday.  The course gave us special rates for walkers, so ten of us actually had a great "walk in the park".  We were also happy to have 6 guests included in our group.  Thank you Marie Horn, Lisa Shelton-Finch, Lois Spence, and Marcy Mazer for bringing guests!  At the nineteenth hole we celebrated our game and skills challenge winners, and learned a little more from  the golf rules quiz that Chris Shorkey gave us.  Thanks to Kim Davis for being event captain for this event!

Bernardo Heights Country Club January 21, 3013

For the first time, EWGA San Diego held an event at the private club course, Bernardo Heights Country Club.  It was a beautiful and challending track. The staff there were great.  Since the restaurant was closed that day, we moved the 19th hole to O'Harleys Pizzeria and Brewery, which was just a few minutes from the course.  Game winners for the day included: Karen Raney, Sharon Council, and Tammy Evans, for !st, 2nd, and 3rd place, respectively.  Closest to the pin winners were Val Robbins and Lynne Cardarelli.  Congratulations!

Guests were: Karen Raney brought by Barbara Kowalczuk; Nancy Homer brought two, Cheryl Bennett and Susan Silver; Lois Spence brought two also, Mike Lyons and Cole Newsome, Joni McNeill was invited by Lynne Cardarelli and both Cheri Guerrero and Lisa Shelton-Finch brought their spouses, Albert and Mark.

Volunteers for the event included Lynne Cardarelli as event captain. Thanks Lynne!

The Vineyard January 13, 2013

Chris Shorkey was the Event Captain for this cool weather event at the Vineyard in Escondido.  She created the "It Makes No Sense" game where a variety of seemingly unrelated golf play results were added together to come up with a winning score.  The lucky winner was Sally Hagar, while the "closest to the pin" winners were Nancy Homer and Cretia Hadley.

Salt Creek 9/30/2012

24 players came out to Salt Creek on September 30 to participate in a match play practice event.  Louise Tang was your event captain, and she was assisted by Femie Cupit.  Winners of the two closest to pin contests were Susan Crawford and Lois Spence, and two of the match play winners received gift cards via a drawing:  Diane Braune and Paula Covert.